Hot DealsVFD Inverter Spindle-Motor AT1 3P-220V CNC Output

VFD Inverter Spindle-Motor AT1 3P-220V CNC Output

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    Hot DealsVFD Inverter Spindle-Motor AT1 3P-220V CNC Output Specification & Description Summary

    Hot DealsVFD Inverter Spindle-Motor AT1 3P-220V CNC Output Specification

    • Brand NameAngisy
    • TypeAC-DC-AC
    • CertificationCE
    • OriginCN(Origin)

    Buyer Please Notice,If you Have some question,First Contact us,

    (Not Open dispute),

    Russian buyers please leave your full name (three words), Otherwise your order may not reach your homeNote: The control panel of the AT1-0.75KW inverter is not removable and there is no 1.5-meter extension cable.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    ZW-AT1 1500W 2200W 4000W Frequency Converter or Inverter
    Input 220v single-phase
    Output 220v 3-phases

    it is Unable to connect the excitation motor, can damage the inverter, it can only connect asynchronous motor,
    Like Hand-held Electric Drill, chainsaw and other motor is mostly excitation motor
    There is also will be 1.5 meter long cable in our box

    Notice:This Inverter Default factory Max Frequency is 50HZ
    If motor need high speed rotate,likespindle motor , you should set the inverter parameter as below:
    So it is ok
    Р001 = 400, Р003 = 200, P006 = 400
    this is set to MAX 400hz
    if you want to set MAX 70hz,
    P001=70,P003=35 ,P006=70
    This model of inverter factory default MAX frequency is 50HZ

    We ask buyer If your Inverter has show some error on display,first contact us,not open dispute,this is very harmful to us,it will effect our sales.

    After you pay for it, I will send the English manual to your e-mail when I ship out it for you:
    Russian instruction welcome ask we send you
    In the Product Box,there is only now an english manual book or Russian manual book

    If you have any question, please contact me !
    If you like this product, please tell your relatives and friends;

    If you don't like it, please tell us: Thank you !

    5.5KW 220 1P Input and 3P Output Frequency Inverter Picture is as Below :

    5.5KW 220 1P Input and 3P output Frequency Inverter without Flame for putting the inside panel on the wall

    4.0KW 220 1P Input and 3P output Frequency Inverter Picture is as below: it has 1.5 meter long cable also and Flame:

    The Package and Shell Size Is Entirely same as 1.5KW and 2.2KW white shell Frequency Inverter;The Flame is as Like Picture:

    5.5KW 220V 1P-3P support Brake-Resistance function, (0.45KW-4KW) do not support Brake-R function; If buyer need buy Brake Resistance,please Contact us;
    Below is Brake Resistance Pictures
    and weight;and 5.5KW Frequency Inverter port to Contact Brake-R:

    If Buyer want buy 110-120V input and 110-120V Output Inverter

    Please Click On Below Picture:

    (Please Touch the below photo:)

    If Buyer want buy 380V input and 380V Output Inverter

    Please Click Below Picture :

    If Buyer Need Constant Pressure Pump Inverter,Please Click on Below Picture:

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